About Zion Winery

Zion Winery is the oldest winery in Israel. It was first established in 1848 by the Shur family, on Hagay Street in Jerusalem, adjacent to the Western wall. The Winery focused for many years on making spirits (including arak and more), as well as grape juice, sweet wines and half dry wines. During the British rule, the Winery relocated to Beit Israel St in Jerusalem, where it remained until its most recent move to its current location in Mishur Adumim.

Our long wine-making tradition is interwoven with advanced technological production, uncompromising care of our vineyards and our experienced professional staff, to meet our goal of offering quality wines to suit any occasion. Our wines are a unique mosaic of quality grapes from vineyards in the Galilee, the Jerusalem mountains and the Judean plains. Zion Winery’s quality wines were awarded 4 gold medals in the International wine competition in TerraVino in 2007. We are committed to expanding our professional knowledge and promise to continue to refresh and surprise you.